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I hope that you will find browsing my site and enjoyable and inspiring experience and that you will take away something useful each time you visit.

Please take a moment to bookmark it.

I welcome feedback and comments, so please take a few moments to give me your opinion be it good or suggestions for improvement.

I have tried to make the site user friendly, simple to navigate and with as much useful information as I can. I will continue to update it on a regular basis.

Please visit the "about me" page to learn a little about my background, "testimonials" to see what I been able to do for others and the gallery for some pictures that I would like to share with you.

I answer all emails personally and I always make best efforts to respond the same day. So please feel free to ask any question.

If you would like to make serious changes in certain areas in your life contact me now.

I specialise in Mentoring & Coaching for Wealth Creation & Personal Motivation.

I have successfully helped many with personal & emotional problems together with relationships & dispute resolution as well.

If you would like further details please register above and I will contact you.


"All That we are is a result of all that we have thought" - Buddha